HeroClix Avatars/Buddy Icons for AOL Instant Messenger
Right click and select save as to save the image to your hard drive.
Click on one of the icons below to open your AIM icons window, or go into go to Prefs, Buddy Icons in your AIM.
Click on *My Buddy Icon* in the Images to use for buddies list.
In the Buddy Icons window click on Browse PC and find the saved image.

Generic - Ninja 1
Generic - Ninja 2
Generic - Thug
X-Men - Rachel Summers, Pheonix
X-Men - Gambit
X-Men - Colossus
X-Men - Angel
New Mutant - Magick
X-Men - Nightcrawler
X-Men - Pheonix
X-Men - Wolverine
X-Men - Ice Man
X-Men Enemy - Selene
X-Men Enemy - Mystique
X-Men Enemy - Apocalypse
X-Men Enemy - White Queen
X-Men Enemy - Mojo
X-Men Enemy - Magneto
6 Mixed Mutants (High Quality)
7 Mixed Mutants (Medium Quality)
8 Mixed Mutants (Low Quality)
4 X-Men (High Quality)
4 X-Men Enemies (High Quality)
Cosmic - Silver Surfer
Cosmic - Firelord
Cosmic - Nova
Cosmic - Galactus
Cosmic - Dormammu
6 Cosmic (High Quality)
Generic - Gotham Undercover
Kingdom Come - Batman
Kingdom Come - Bat Sentry
Kingdom Come - Superman
Kingdom Come - Wonder Woman
Kingdom Come - Magog
5 Kingdom Come (High Quality)
JLA - Batman (Kryptonite)
JLA - Green Lantern Hal Jordan
JLA - Dr. Fate
JLA - Flash
JLA - Green Lantern John Stewart
JLA - Wonder Woman
JLA - Plastic Man
JLA - Superman
JLA - Batman
JLA - Nightwing
JLA - Hawkman
JLA Enemy - Amazo
JLA Enemy - Joker
JLA Enemy - Darksied
JLA Enemy - Doomsday
JLA Enemy - Catwoman
JLA Enemy - Soloman Grundy
6 JLA (High Quality)
8 JLA with Enemies (High Quality)
Ultimates - Captain America
Avengers - Captain America
Avengers - Moon Knight
Avengers - Warbird
Avengers - Iron Man
Avengers - Vision
Avengers - Scarlet Witch
Avengers - Thor
Avengers - Hawkeye
Avengers Enemy - Dr. Doom
Avengers Enemy - Ultron
Avengers Enemy - Kang
Avengers Enemy - Thanos
Avengers Enemy - Taskmaster
Avengers Enemy - Mandarin
Avengers Enemy - Crimson Dynamo
6 Avengers (High Quality)
7 Avengers Enemy (High Quality)
9 Avengers With Enemies (High Quality)
Incredible Hulk
Captain Marvel
Spiderman - Symbiot Costume
BPRD - Hellboy
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