X-Men Danger Room
This is a very cool place to play. It is basically a big room with a control room off to the side. This makes for very fast very intense 2 player games. Haven't tried it with 3 yet (starting in the control room) but probably wouldn't play this board 4 or more. The obsticals are all movable and we have a house rule of high dice first for placing objects in the danger room. The floor is fiber board, very strong and durable. The walls are foam board which was easier to cut and work with. For the control room windows I used brick retaining walls from Home Depot. I am very happy with the playability. For a really fun danger room type scenario we used the Mind Switch scenario and roled it every round with any result lasting only for that round. Very fun (unless you roll alot of 3's which are the danger room "lasers").

Top view.

This view gives a better picture of the silveryness of everything.

Magneto staring down the Prof in the control room. 

Control room computer center.

The Prof overlooking the battle.

The danger room robot will use any flight base, so you can make him as bad as you want him to be. You want a good 200 point game? Just plug your danger room robot into the Thanos flight base! hehehe.

One of the "laser" turrets. Haven't figured the house rules for these yet so I haven't used them. I will probably just glue them to some henchmen bases or just call them one clik and come up with a set of stats for that clik.

The energy net. The house mechanic for this is you can go through it but you take a clik. You can range attack through it at a minus 1 attack penelty (hindering) but it is not treated as hindering for movement or stealth. You can also attack the towers by doing a clik of damage to them. (auto hit, disables it but you have to be able to do damage... sorry Prof)

Sabes and Wolvie square off around some elevated blocking terrain.

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