Cloak & Dagger

This is my first set of repaints for HeroClix. I am affraid this isn't something I am very good at or experienced in. All in all I am happy with the way they turned out. For the home games I am playing they are perfect. I didn't do any miniature cutting really, I just took a Wasp (ripped off her little wings) and a Black Panther. I used a trick I read about on using Toilet Paper. I attempted to strip the paint from the wasp using the Pine Sol method to no avail. Anyway here they are.

The camera doesn't really bring out the dark blue color of the outside of Cloak's cloak. Also some of the folds don't really show off of the picture.

Dagger needed to be stripped first but I didn't get around to it. I may do another one when I get more experience. Also I am using enamel paints which get tacky way to fast and don't show detail very well. On top of that I have the crappy testors model brushes and have no fine detail brush. You live you learn. The concept is solid for both of thesee though.

I did a retouch with better brushes and acrylic paints. I also painted on her necklace charm.

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