Main outdoor map Building 1
This is a single story interior/exterior building constructed of a thick balsa wood. It is simple and plays fairly well in a HeroClix game. I would say the one thing I learned is that a removable roof may not be the way to go. Probably an open back building would have worked better. The building is placed on the HeroClix outdoor map that comes with the booster on the 8x8 square (12x12 inch) building.

Top view with roof in place.

The hulk standing next to a large air conditioning unit.

The Hulk ready to rumble with a heavy object.

Stairs and main enterance.

Laoding dock enterance, window on the left side of the building.

Side enterance, roof removed.

Top view of the interior with the roof removed. All interior walls and objects are removable.

Hyde and Herk, ready to rumble.

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